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The Role of Women in Post-Conflict Transformation in the Horn of Africa: A Case Study of Eritrea

Prof.  Mirjam van Reisen and Daniel R. Mekonnen examine in this paper  the relationship between gender and traditional and modern conceptions of gender identities during the war and the subsequent regression to submissive gender roles for women in the period of independence. “What has gone wrong” is the question to be answered in this paper.

The paper is submitted to the 10th Annual International Conference held between 23-25 September 2011 in Lund, Sweden.


Special Report: The old man and the seas — The future of EU-ACP relations (published by The Broker)

Within the report, Prof van Reisen explores and examines the future of the ACP-EU relationship in the context of the ACP’s effort to establish a presence in global governance; the ACP's opportunities to become a stronger, more independent group; and the new relationships the ACP is building with the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and other emerging economies.

Click here to download the Special Report from the Broker website.

EU Policy on Civil Society Organisations

This briefing focuses on the EU's external policy in relation to civil society organisations, especially in diplomacy. The European Union (EU) and, in particular, the European Commission (EC) has a long-standing history of cooperation with civil society organisations (CSOs), in line with core human rights standards. Over the last decade, terminology in relation to civil society organisations has changed in the policy documents of the European Commission. This paper takes a quick look at the evolution of this terminology, followed by an examination of how civil society's right to organise is embedded in the legal framework as a core human right. An overview is provided of civil society in the context of the EU legal framework, followed by a description of EU policies on civil society. Finally, the EU Structured Dialogue on civil society is discussed and a brief description given of the current administrative set up.


Exploring New Spaces for Women in Transitional Justice in Eritrea and Zimbabwe

This paper looks at „space‟ for women in the context of transitional justice in post-conflict countries. It connects lack of „symbolic‟ spaces for dealing with violence against women in transitional justice mechanisms with the subsequent failure to deliver „physical‟ spaces for women‟s reintegration into communities. It also considers how women could benefit more
from transitional justice.